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9 Best Cricket Bat for Leather Ball | Tips to Select a Bat

When it comes to the game, the players are pretty precise. Everything, especially the cricket bats, is incredibly significant to them, from the kits to the rules. Any cricketer in the world needs good cricket bats, but it's especially vital when you're just starting on your path to being a professional player. You must need the best cricket bat for the leather ball to hit a masterstroke.

We've witnessed many changes over the years, from technological advancements to media evolution, and pretty much everything has changed a lot, including sports. It is worth mentioning because sports provide many chances and amusements to individuals all around the world. How can we talk about sports without mentioning cricket? Everything has changed, including the outfits, bats, and ball, as it evolved from Test matches to the T20 World Cup. So, from previous eras to now, we've observed a lot of changes in bats.

It's no longer a secret that cricket is not only a game someone is passionate about; it is a lifestyle, an attitude. The data says that about 6% of the Indian population participates in this sport at the college, school, district, zonal, state, national, and international levels. That's over fifty million perplexed people!

You'll need the best cricket bat for the leather ball if you're one of the fifty million people who aspire to establish a name for themselves in cricket. The following is a list of the best cricket bat in India to pick from if you want to score a century.

Best Leather Ball Cricket Bats:

  1. Hashmate Hashpro 2.0Hashmate Hashpro 2.0 is a professional choice. It is a grade 2 English willow bat with 6 to 8 grains and a clean profile, making it a value for money product. It also comes with fantastic balance and punch. Its weight lies between 1150 to 1200 grams.

  1. SG Slammer Classic Cricket BatIt is one of the best cricket bats in India. This bat features a beautiful sweet spot (the point at which the ball receives the most acceleration) that provides you incredible confidence and sensation when hitting the ball out of the boundary. The SG Slammer Classic is a grade 1 English willow cricket bat. It has a weight range of 1150 to 1200 grams and 8 to 12 grains and a clean profile.



  1. BAS Vintage Classic Cricket BatThe BAS vintage classic cricket bat is a grade 1 English willow bat. It has been used by one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is also our captain. This bat has 8 to 12 grains, which is excellent for batters but terrible for bowlers. Its weight ranges from 1150 to 1200 grams, making it the most outstanding leather cricket bat available.

  1. SG KLR ICON Cricket Bat: This bat has the potential to present a batter with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Its worth is the same as money. This willow is used by all professional players that care about having the most excellent bats. The SG KLR is a grade 1 English willow bat with great ping, punch, profile, and balance. It weighs between 1150 and 1200 grams, has 8 to 10 grains, and a sleek silhouette to help you stay focused during the game.

  1. SS Vintage 5.0 Cricket Bat: This cricket bat has incredible power to hit the ball beyond the boundary. Its sweet spot is enticing due to its comprehensive profile. This bat's strength, balance, and punch set it apart from the rest of India's top cricket bats. The SS vintage 5.0 is a grade 2 English willow bat with 4 to 6 grains and a clean profile, weighing 1160 to 1200 grams.

  1. Universe Boss Cricket Bat: It's a grade 1 English willow cricket bat with 7 to 9 straight grains, a weight of 1160 60 1230 grams, and an edge thickness of 38 to 40 mm. It has a little bow on it to help with balance and pickup. It also boasts a circular nine-piece rubber and cane handle for power and control and a constant maximum edge profile from shoulder to toe. This bat was constructed in cooperation with Chris Gayle by a master bat maker, ideal for sixes.

  1. BAS Boundary Cricket Bat: The BAS boundary cricket bat is also a grade 3 English willow bat. It's famed for its large sweet spot, which boosts its striking power. It's also extremely light, has excellent balance, and has an exceptional ability to smash the ball. It weighs between 1150 and 1200 grams and has a clear profile with 5 to 7 grains.

  1. New Balance TC 590 Cricket Bat: The profile of this grade 3 English willow bat is fantastic and stunning. The new balance TC 590 cricket bat is ideal for opening batters due to its large sweet spot, which improves hitting. Because of its remarkable balance, it has the exceptional ability to strike the ball out of the boundary. This bat is relatively light in weight, weighing between 1160 and 1200 grams. It has a clear profile and 4 to 6 grains.

  1. SS Vintage 4.0 Cricket Bat: A grade 1 English willow bat, the SS vintage 4.0 weighs between 1170 and 1200 grams. This willow is used by all professional players that are concerned about the most excellent bats. This bat has incredible power and may provide a hitter with an unforgettable experience by hitting the ball out of the park. It has a clear profile and 4 to 10 grains.

If you've made it this far, you're probably looking for the best leather ball cricket bat, but where do you go to find them? We do, however, have a definitive answer to this question. Hashmate will gladly deliver any cricket equipment you like to have. It is a one-stop shop for all cricket equipment, and you can count on it to provide you with your ideal cricket bat.

Why Hashmate?

Hashmate is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the spirit of cricket. Every game should be played with the utmost sportsmanship. Hashmate believes that the most significant sports equipment is required to truly enjoy and thrive in the activity in addition to the proper mood and attitude.

Hashmate has always had a clear purpose: to deliver affordable, top-quality cricket equipment to every aspiring or professional cricketer who wants to achieve greatness. Start watching one-day cricket matches, T20s, State Level Matches, District Level Matches, or even a Gully Match with HASHMATE.

Tips to Select a Good Bat:

  1. Make a budget plan: Before stepping into one of our stores, it's usually a good idea to have a budget in mind for your cricket bat. It allows you to narrow down your options while assisting our bat specialists in finding bats in your pricing range.

  1. The shape and style: Cricket bats come in various profiles, edges, scallops, sweet spots, and other features. These bat features affect how the bat is fashioned and, as a result, how well it performs depending on the player.

  1. Weight selection: The next and most critical consideration is weight and pickup. You don't want a bat that is too heavy or too light because it will damage your performance.

  1. The perfect pickup: Because everyone's physique and strength differ, the most important thing is to select a bat that feels right to you. Most people can't tell the difference between bats that are only slightly different in weight; it's nearly impossible to detect the difference between a bat that weighs 2.8 lbs. and one that weighs 2.9 lbs. As a result, it's best to pick a bat that feels natural to you.

  1. The best performance: There are generally five grades of willow used to make bats. Grade 1 willow has 8-10 grains and very few or no flaws on the bat's face, making it the finest performer. The most affordable bats have constructed Grade 5 willow, with 4-5 grains and more imperfections on the face.


"Every individual has his style, his way of presenting himself on and off the field."- Sachin Tendulkar.

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