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Best Hashmate English Willow Cricket Bats - Thehashmate

In India, cricket is by far the most popular sport, and it is played almost everywhere. Cricket is a significant aspect of Indian culture. Top players are treated as national celebrities, with media and marketing appearances regularly. The Indian and Pakistan teams have a long-standing rivalry, and India-Pakistan matches are among the country's most-watched and anticipated athletic events. When it comes to cricket equipment, then every single person wants the best. Hashmate is dedicated to maintaining and appreciating cricket's spirit. Every game must be performed in the most sportsmanlike manner possible. In addition to the right mood and attitude, Hashmate believes that the most important sports equipment is to enjoy and succeed. But something that constantly roams in our mind is the quality of the cricket bat. This is the main point of this blog. In it, you will know about the best hashmate cricket bats and will also deal with the English willow and its benefits. So without any further delay, let's dive right into it.


All about English Willow Cricket Bats

English willow cricket bats are manufactured of cleft imported from the United Kingdom. These bats are designed for professional and advanced players who enjoy playing with a beautiful bat and perform well.

The English Willow, native to England, thrives in regions where the ground is soft and the weather is damp. The wood has a smooth and spongy texture due to these conditions, making it springy and robust. Because the softness of the wood softens the force of a cricket ball, English willow bats have an advantage over their Kashmiri counterparts. When the batsman faces quick deliveries, this absorption lessens the amount of impetus felt. The softness of the bats also adds to their durability since the impact of hard cricket balls will not destroy them.

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The English Willow Cricket Bats Come With Following Benefits:

  • English willow gives a better ping and punches to the bat to provide a batter with maximum power on shots.
  • They are incredibly lightweight and offer durable performance to the batter.
  • English willow bats are best for those who want to improve their game by putting more power on the ball.
  • They stand tall in terms of compressibility when compared with Kashmir willow bats.


The Legend of the Willow Bats

The only wood utilized to produce cricket bats is willow. A batter's talent level may be high, but having a decent bat gives him an edge. Willow is the ideal combination of strength and compression for a cricket bat. There are two types of willows currently employed in the bulk manufacture of cricket bats.

The Kashmir Willow and the English Willow have both been utilized in every country where cricket is played. Salix Alba is the tree from which the willows are harvested. What's the difference between the two, though? Is one of them superior to the other? These questions are answered in the blog that follows. So gather your wits and prepare for the Battle of the Willows.


English Willow vs. Kashmir Willow

The best way to distinguish between the two types of willows is through visuals. The English Willows are whiter than the Kashmiri Willows. When they're done, they're a lot shinier. In English Willows, reddish-brown lines known as grains are prevalent. In Kashmir Willows, the fibers are horizontal, whereas, in English Willows, the fibers are vertical. The sound of impact also aids in distinguishing between the two types of willows. The ping of English Willows is mild, whereas the ping of Kashmiri Willows is harsher and sharper.


Which One is Better, English Willow or Kashmir Willow?


Based on the comparisons above, it is easy to claim that English Willows is superior to playing professional cricket. English Willow bats are far more expensive than Kashmiri Willow bats, and they must be maintained. However, bats produced from Kashmir Willows are less costly and require no upkeep. So, if you're a fan of gully cricket, the Kashmir Willow Bats should be your first choice! However, if you want to play in the major leagues, English Willow bats are the way to go.


Best Hashmate Cricket Bats


Hashmate's goal has always been clear: to provide aspiring or professional cricket players with inexpensive, high-quality cricket equipment. With HASHMATE, you can kick-start your career in one-day cricket, T20, State Level Matches, District Level Matches, or even a Gully Match.

Following are the best Hashmate English Willow Cricket Bats you can count on.


hashmate cricket bat red sticker

  • Hashmate Hashpro 2.0: The HASHPRO 2.0 is a grade 2 English willow bat with excellent balance and punch. Professional gamers will love this option. Because many elite players already use this bat, it is a good value for money. In the market, everything is going swimmingly. Obtain this best hashmate cricket bat and experience the power.

Key Points:

  1. Its weight lies between 1150 to 1200 grams.
  2. It has 6 to 8 grains and a clean profile.
  3. It is a grade 2 English willow bat.


Hashmate crciket bat green sticker


  • Hashmate Hashmax 3.0: HASHMAX 3.0 is an English willow bat with a grade of 3.0. Its huge sweet spot makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of players. Its small weight and outstanding balance add to the overall value for money. This bat is at the top of the list for hard hitters because it has a lot of punch, which gives them more confidence while striking. All these features make it one of the best hashmate English willow cricket bats.

Key Points:

  1. It comes with 5 to 7 grains and a clean profile.
  2. It is a grade 3 English willow bat.
  3. Its weight lies between 1150 to 1200 grams.


hashmate cricket bat blue sticker


  • Hashmate Superhash 4.0: GRADE 4 SUPERHASH 4.0 Bas achiever is a well-balanced and robust bat. It has a large sweet spot, making it an excellent option for many explosive batters. This bat provides the hitter a lot of confidence and boosts their unique skills.

Key Points:

  1. It is a grade 4 English willow bat.
  2. Its weight lies between 1180 to 1220 grams.
  3. It comes with 4 to 5 grains and a clean profile.

 This was all about the Best Hashmate Cricket bats. If you require any cricket equipment, Hashmate will gladly provide you everything you need. It's a one-stop-shop for everything you require in cricket, and you can rely on it to assist you in finding the ideal bat.

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