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How do I Choose The Best Cricket Bat? Buying Guide 2021

How do I Choose the Best Cricket Bat? Buying Guide 2021

Having the best equipment will not make you a better player. Arming yourself with the best and most reliable equipment, on the other hand, can only help you better your game and show off your skills to their full potential.

Cricket is a technical sport in which the players' best equipment often determines their success. But where do you start when looking for a cricket bat? Which bat is best for cricket? It might be challenging to keep track of all the different brands and types available.

Let's go through six things that will help you figure out how to pick the best cricket bat for you.


The Right Size

Cricket bats are available in a variety of sizes. A giant bat may appear to be superior, but this is not the case. When it comes to bat size, the goal is to match it to your height. To determine which size bat is best for you, look up a height-to-size chart online.


The Ball Type

The second thing in this list that would help you choose the best cricket bat for you is the size. Cricket is played with a variety of balls, including leather, tennis, foam, and rubber. When buying a bat, keep in mind the type of cricket ball you'll be using. Tennis balls are small and light. Because tennis balls are so lightweight, you don't need a bat that's overly thick or heavy to play with them.

However, leather and rubber balls are heavier. For leather ballplayers, the most passable cricket bat is sturdier and heavier. To exert the same force on the ball, certain ball varieties necessitate a thicker and sturdier bat.


Bat Weight

Aside from length, bat weight is an important consideration that can significantly impact your game. Heavier bats are more durable and can have a more significant impact on the ball. However, some players may find the added weight challenging to manage.

This can make it challenging to maintain control of the bat or even impossible to swing fast enough to hit the ball. Lightweight bats are easier to control, require less strength, and help you hit the ball more quickly overall. However, some people believe that lighter bats decay faster and are less powerful.

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Willow Grade 

The best way to decide "which bat is best for cricket?" is the willow grade. Different grades of willow are used to make different sorts of cricket bats. English Willow and Kashmir Willow are the two primary types of willow. Overall, English Willow outperforms Kashmir because it lasts longer, is more "springy," and is more consistent.

English willow, on the other hand, is more expensive. Kashmir bats are ideal for novices or those wishing to enter the sport without spending a lot of money.

There's also the grade to consider, in addition to the willow type. In terms of making, reliability, and quality, the grades run from 1 to 5, one being the best.


The Batting Style

When selecting a bat, keep in mind your batting approach, and don't forget to practice machine or hand pounding on the bat.

Drivers: A low bat is for you if you mainly hit straight strokes and hard drives. The sweet point of the bat is concentrated lower down, away from your hands, on these bats.

Front Foot Batters: Bats with a sweet spot in the middle, often known as a medium positioning, work well for players that prefer to play predominantly off their front foot.

Shots/cuts with a hook: Do you prefer more elaborate shots like these? Do you prefer to play on your back foot? Then you should probably go for a medium-high or high bat. These hits are more accessible and more potent since the sweet spot is closer to your hands.


Handle Type

This is an understandably crucial aspect of the bat: you won't control the bat properly if you don't have a good or comfortable grip. The handle should absorb the ball's impact and shock so you don't feel it in your hands.

The two most common handle shapes are oval and circular.

The oval handles greatly enhance the bat's directional control. One disadvantage is that some people find it challenging to grasp. With oval handle bats, the top hand usually has the most of the rule.

Bats with a round handle are simpler to manage with both the top and bottom hands. This is especially critical for batters who flick their wrists. Round handles are also easier to grip, which is essential for power hitters.

This is all about the feature to decide the best cricket bat for you. If you are looking for cricket bats or any other cricket equipment, you can rely on the Hashmate.


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