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How to Take Care of Cricket Bat

You're certain to be ecstatic when you get your hands on a cricket bat. After all, with a new bat, all of your shots will result in the ball speeding to the boundary. Whatever your age, the prospect of hitting a straight drive or tugging a short ball for a boundary is a sensation that we all enjoy. We experience these emotions as a result of our love for the game. It's also crucial to understand how to take care of cricket bat. If you don't do this, the bat's life will be cut short, and its performance will suffer. This is where we will assist you in identifying possible solutions.

After you've got your new cricket bat, you'll most likely want to put it to use right away. However, before you go out and start hitting those sixes and fours, there are a few things you should do to improve your bat's performance and extend its life.

How to Maintain a Cricket Bat


You can take a few procedures to assure the safety of your bat before you start using it. Because the ball will be coming at you at a high rate, it is beneficial for the bat to have some protection. This simple step will assist you to take care of cricket bat . One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to use tape around the edges and front end. Tapes of various thicknesses are available to fit your playing style. The tape will keep the bat in place and prevent wear and tear from the ball's impact. This will add an extra layer of strength and durability to the bat. The tape's biggest feature is that it can be applied to any section of the bat. It can be applied to the face, toes, and even the edges.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil softens and then binds the bat fibres together. This makes them supple and able to survive being struck by the force of a fast-moving cricket ball.

  • It is recommended that you treat your bat with raw linseed oil or specialized cricket bat oil before using it. This will assist keep the bat moist and lessen the chances of it cracking or splitting while you're playing. Boiled linseed oil penetrates better than raw linseed oil.
  • Apply 5-6 coats of oil to the face and toe edges using a soft cloth or paintbrush (each coat is one teaspoon). Only oil the face, toe, and edges of the bat, not the entire bat.
  • Allow each coat to dry horizontally while the bat is in use. Before you begin banging in, make sure the bat is completely dry.

The Mallet

This technique is referred to as "knocking in." It's a method that hardens the bat completely before it's used. It is also considered as the best method to maintain a cricket bat.

  • With a hardwood bat mallet, thrash the new cricket bat. Your bat will become harder as a result of this. Hit the bat hard enough to make a dent in the middle. Check to see whether you've made any indentations. Then, to make it level, lightly hit the bat's face around the dent. When you're finished, you shouldn't be able to notice the dent anymore. The edges should be rounded. Face is struck at a 45-degree angle. This enables the willow to be compressed by the mallet. Begin by gently knocking around one dent on the edge to eliminate it and smooth the edge out. Strike the bat's face and edges repeatedly in each situation, progressively increasing the force of the strike over time.
  • Hit the ball as hard as you can with the bat. It will continue to harden as a result of this.


Maintenance over Time

  • Every 5 to 6 weeks, apply a fresh layer of linseed oil. It will remain supple as a result of this.
  • The bat should be stored horizontally. It should be kept in a cool, dry location. Heat and humidity might cause the bat to dry out or deform.
  • Attempt to maintain a firm grip on the bat.

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